Neck Lift, also known as a lower facelift, it tightens and gives definition to the neck and straightens the jawline.

Neck Lift

Also known as a Lower Facelift

If you are one of the many people who feel like they see a “turkey neck” when they look in the mirror, you are not alone. Sagging or drooping skin on the neck is a very common problem for people who have had significant weight loss. While neck lifts are usually performed as part of an overall facelift, they can be done alone if that is your primary aesthetic concern.

A neck lift is also known as lower Rhytidectomy. It is a surgical procedure meant to improve and correct problems with the skin of the neck, including sagging or relaxed skin that creates the appearance of jowls, removing excess fat beneath the chin, loose skin on the neck, and “bands” on the neck that create displeasing contours. Neck lifts are often done as part of a traditional Rhytidectomy or a facelift, but a full facelift is not for everyone. The Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center of South Texas understands and that is why we offer neck lifts as an individual procedure as well as a complementary one.

This is 8 months post anterior cervicoplasty. The surgery is a direct excision of skin on the front of the neck and direct tightening of the saggy muscles. Scarring is minimal but the transformation is incredible!

This is 8 months post anterior cervicoplasty. The surgery is a direct excision of skin on the front of the neck and direct tightening of the saggy muscles. Scarring is minimal but the transformation is incredible!

Depending on the type of problem you are trying to address, neck lift surgery can last anywhere from two to five hours. Longer surgeries are generally required for neck lifts that are dealing with more excess skin.  For any type of neck lift, the procedures are very similar. Your plastic surgeon will make incisions in the neck — the exact placement of the incisions depends on what is being corrected or improved.

During the surgery itself, excess fat can be sculpted, redistributed or removed (sometimes with the help of liposuction). The tissues beneath the skin of your neck may be repositioned and the platysma muscle — a muscle that stretches from your pectorals and deltoids and up along the sides of the neck — is tightened. The skin is then redraped over the new neck contours and any excess is trimmed or removed. Then, your surgeon will close the incisions with either sutures or skin adhesives, depending on what is best for your surgical needs.

Recovery from a neck lift can range from two to four weeks to a bit longer if more than just a neck lift was performed. Most patients will be advised to take time off work during recovery, so the healing process can occur under the most relaxed circumstances and all doctor’s post-operative orders can be followed.

You will have bandages and dressings that will need to be cared for and changed, and you may have drainage tubes to collect any residual fluid that collects under the skin. You may have medications to assist with any pain and to prevent bruising or swelling from being an issue. All of your postoperative care will be discussed with you in detail both before your surgery and afterward, so that we can be sure your healing process goes as smoothly and swiftly as possible. Also remember that a neck lift is a surgical procedure, so you will need someone to drive you to and from the hospital or surgical center.

For more information about neck lifts and whether one can help address the aesthetic concerns you have, call our office today.

Before + After Gallery

This is a collection of before and after pictures of Neck Lifts performed by Dr. Tittle.


5 weeks post neck-lift

8 months post anterior cervicoplasty

8 months post anterior cervicoplasty

8 months post anterior cervicoplasty

8 months post anterior cervicoplasty


Patient Reviews

Amazing experience and an amazing result! Wow! I didn’t really think I needed a neck lift, but I thought it would be a great subtle way to look a few years younger. I was wrong! I look years younger just after a week! Dr. Tittle is so experienced and so professional. He is a text away from any question or concern. Simply the BEST!
— RealSelf Review 2018
I inherited my mother’s neck. It started really showing in my 50’s. By the time I reached my 60’s it looked like my jaw had just melted into my neck. AND I had turkey neck, too, just like Mom! I had a serious illness 6 years ago and was in treatment for a year, so I didn’t want to do anything requiring surgery AT ALL, but my neck distressed me so much that I decided to do something about it while I was still young enough to recover well. So, I did a lot of research & selected Southlake’s Dr. Bogdan because I preferred a Tarrant County Plastic Surgeon (closer to home). I want to give Dr Bogdan full credit for his honesty: after examining my neck, he said that he did not have the necessary equipment to handle my case, so he referred me to Dr. Ben Tittle in Dallas, saying that Dr. Tittle would be able to help me. So, I researched Dr. Tittle and was REAL impressed with what I read about him. So, I made an appointment & Dr. Tittle examined my neck & took my case. He is a really nice man: he put me at ease and then explained my neck structure and what he would do to change my neck. So, I took the leap & scheduled the surgery. The night before my surgery, I developed a 102 fever & phoned Dr Tittle; who told me that he would cancel the surgery because it was against my best interest to go ahead (and NOT to feel bad about it) & to see my Primary Care Doctor (Dr Demopulos at Medical City - also an awesome Doctor, who has taken wonderful care of me for over 20 years) the next day. I did so, the problem was cured & 2 weeks later I had my surgery. Dr Tittle inspired such trust in me that I was calm - even excited! - about the surgery. And, just a few days after, I was AMAZED!! at the change. A couple of weeks later, it was even better!! Dr Tittle said that it would take about 6-12 months to see the final version, but I look SO GOOD now, at 3 months!! Everyone who knows me says that I look incredible - like I’m 20 years younger. And here’s more: my illness left me with a severe cosmetic issue that I was resigned to having the rest of my life. But, I was so impressed with Dr Tittle’s work and have so much confidence in him that I decided to ask him if he could do something about it. He examined me & said that he could and would! So, I am scheduled for a remedial surgery soon.
— RealSelf Review
Every visit, I have looked at the patients in his waiting room - quite a few - the work done on them all looks “natural” - that is, the results are a work of art and blend well with the remainder of the person. Dr Tittle talks about aesthetics and how he wants the results of his work to look - he is highly skilled and is also very mindful of what his patient wants. He took superb care of me and I am VERY happy that he performed this work on me.
— RealSelf Review 2017