Beautiful Skin - Where Do I Start?

I'm 55 years old and I have beautiful skin due to my mother and grandmother preaching  about the damaging effects of the sun.  If only I had listened even sooner.

Beautiful skin starts today with high-tech, non-invasive treatments, super skin care and great habits that should be followed throughout the decades. 

Where do I start you are asking? Today my friend.       

1. Protect  

2. Detoxify

3. Prevent 

4. Nourish

5. Firm

  • Protect - UVA attacks our skin everyday. Wear 30 SPF or above if over the age of 40.
  • Detoxify - Natural and man-made compounds accumulate in the body, inhibiting cell and DNA function, which can then lead to poor skin health. Talk with your physician for advise on blood tests and detoxification supplements. And always remember: Water Water Water, every day. 
  • Prevent - Sleeping on your side or face down can cause massive wrinkles. Always opt for a silk pillow case and try sleeping on your back as much as possible.
  • Nourish - Eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. The cleaner you eat the more you'll glow. 
  • Firm - Opt for treatments of massage or medical devices that stimulate collagen growth. This is what keeps you firm for years to come.   

Written by: Nancy Ludkowski