Men - Easy, Knowledgable Facts to Achieve Great Skin.

Start now, time is not waiting for you. 

MAN POWER ..... It's March Madness for Men!

MEN are just as interested in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures as women.

Men underwent more than 1 million of the 11 million procedures performed in the US in 2013.  WHY you ask?  Because they're tired of being left out in the rain.  Why shouldn't they look as good as the women walking around with great skin and small waists?  There is a ton of things Men can do they just don't know what to ask for or how to go about asking it.  

From skin tightening to skin resurfacing, depending on exactly what you're looking to do, there is something for any and all problems. 

ULTRA SOUND and RADIO FREQUENCY -  two great ways to tighten the skin; non-invasive and with almost no downtime.

LIPO - There is an immediate way to rid of fat under the chin, girth area and flanks.  Though this is easy and fast, soreness and bruising do come along with this procedure.  It is, without a doubt, a great way to rid of the unwanted fat quickly.  

New technology with SCULPSURE is sweeping past the old technology of Coolsculpting. Lose fat permanently with SculpSure. NO bruising, NO downtime and NO pain - a game changer. SculpSure takes a lunch hour at Best.  Simple and easy.

IPL is intense pulse lighting.  It's an easy way to rid of pigmentation issues along with rosacea, veins and to re-ignite those problem areas due to sun damage.  An IPL package is the best way to start out. 

MICRO NEEDLING is another great way to clean up acne scarring.  This is known as percutaneous collagen induction therapy.  Performed with a great growth factor and results are even better.

HAIR REMOVAL has come a long way baby.  1 - 3 treatments and your hairless!  No downtime and very little discomfort.  Great way to clean up that Beard line and other area.  Buy a package for a better deal.

With new technology, to STOP sweating is now easy and permanent.  PRECISION TX is a great easy laser that takes about 30 minutes in the doctors office, and with no downtime its a game changer for all of those embarrassing moments of under arm sweating.

POPULAR TREATMENTS with men are neurotoxins like BOTOX/DYSPORT and natural looking facial fat to fill out volume and fine lines.  Ask about SCULPTRA.  It's amazingly natural looking and not a filler. Make sure you know your injector is well trained in any injectable though, do not go somewhere cheap! Your face should never be discounted. 

Men compete just as vigorously to appear resourceful as women. Now that its 2016, ask your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon about options as there are so many incredible, life-changing treatments to choose from!

SKIN CARE is so essential guys!! Hopefully your mothers harped on you about applying SPF daily. But than again, you were probably focused on just getting to the practice field to play that game verses protecting your skin from damaging rays.  Now with melanoma everywhere your probably thinking ok, ok, so what do I buy and where do I start.  First - set up a consult.
But...GRASS is what you need to remember.  

G - for a daily moisturizer with Growth factor
R - for a night time application of Retinal
A - Antioxidant included in your daily moisturizer
S - SPF daily, 45 is terrific
S - specialty products depending on your skins issues 

There are some wonderful products out there and many have everything included in one jar, such as Biopelle.  Its easy but don't forget - you always need to have an extra SPF on hand, be it in the car or at your bathroom sink. It's a must!  Elta and Tizo are great Dermatology recommended brands.  
You can order from our office and we will ship it to you for FREE

So, Men.... you aren't alone on this.  There's a ton of questions and a ton of answers.  Just make sure you're dealing with a  Board Certified physician and that they're experienced in Aesthetics.