Slow Down the Aging Process with Venus Viva


It's about slowing down the aging process, not reversing the clock.  


Part of building our practice at Plastic Surgery of Texas is about relationships and providing consistently effective procedures. Patients trust Plastic Surgeons because they are the experts in the business of skin care and treatments available to date. We are "health advisors," as Dr. Tittle would say. And he would know; He was one of the first in Texas to own a laser!

Staying as healthy and beautiful as you can takes work.  A great treatment we highly recommend is the Venus Viva. Dr. Tittle has outstanding results with this fraxel laser. Patient downtime is minimal as well.  We at plastic Surgery of Texas have done several studies for devices before they were FDA approved.  We know results - and Venus Viva has them. It is for different skin types, various ages and has a huge impact for a reasonable price. One of the most effective treatments to revitalize the surface of your skin out today. Even full body treatments have incredible results. 

We recommend the Venus Viva laser therapy along with a filler, neuromodulators and skin care products customized by our experts as a great way to begin the fall and winter season. 

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