Why I Love February for Skin Care Change

Middle-aged woman applying anti-aging cream

My grandmother was the most beautiful woman I've ever met besides my mother. Okay, I might be a little bit biased, but truly they were (and still are) stunning women. They both had a very natural look but wouldn’t be caught dead without their lipstick. That’s right, they wore almost NO make-up but always had a bold, strong lip.

Back in the day, wearing bold lipstick was a feminist statement and natural looking skin was all about the way a lady took care of herself. There wasn't enough money to go play at Neiman’s trying on different eye shadows and bronzers, so good skin care was a necessity. The bold lip is what made them stand out. I still remember the Avon lady carrying every shade of lipstick possible and playing with all the different miniature pallets.

Now at my age skin care is vital and February is my favorite month for change. We’re slowly stepping out of the harsh months of winter and spring is just around the corner. I like to use this transition month to clean out the heavy moisturizers in exchange for more light weight ones. I also like to add in lighter growth factors at night to supplement my normal skin care regimen.

Shedding your winter coat is important and bringing back the right moisturizer is crucial. You want to be able to let your skin breathe. Get rid of those thick creams just like you're shedding those heavy winter sweaters.  Now is the time to start wearing a stronger yet lighter SPF. Maybe even try a tinted one for spring! I also add in a soft scrub with enzymes to rid my skin of those winter layers.

If this feels like an impossible task, give us a call to set up an appointment and we can help you find the right skin care regimen for you. Plastic Surgery of Texas offers consultations to see if you could be a potential candidate for a 3D imaging process that detects where your problem areas may be. We also have a huge array of skin care products to offer so don't wait!

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