BellaDiamond Summit: Top 1% of Bellafill Injectors

Dr. Tittle has been chosen by Suneva Medical as a BellaDiamond injector. 💎 That means he is in the top 1% of Bellafill Injectors in the world. In March 2017 he attended the BellaDiamond Summit held for those top 1%, no more than 25 injectors. The summit experts discussed extensive research on Bellafill - the 5 year facial filler granted by the FDA.

There has been quite a bit of Bellafill research done that defies the fake news found on the internet and the false claims made about Bellafill by inexperienced doctors. Here are a few of the facts as defined by Anita Mandal, M.D., another BellaDiamond injector out of Palm Beach.

Fact 1: Bellafill has been studied in over 1500 patients. That’s more patients than any other filler on the U.S. market. Far from a close second is the 2 year filler, Sculptra, which has only been studied in 700 patients. Bellafill is the most studied dermal filler on the U.S. market.

Fact 2: In the 1004 patient FDA trial, not only was Bellafill shown to last 5 years, but 83% percent of patients were satisfied with their results at 5 years, confirming a very high level of patient satisfaction with Bellafill. 

Fact 3: Another finding of the 1004 patient FDA trial was the 87% retention rate, meaning that 87% of all patients who began the trial remained in the study at the end of 5 years. Such a high percentage is unprecedented and further indicates the high level of patient satisfaction seen with Bellafill. Patients often leave an FDA trial early if they are not happy, but stay, as in the Bellafill FDA trial, if they are happy.

Fact 4: Bellafill is much more than just a filler. Unlike temporary fillers, Bellafill has a dual mode of action to give you the most optimal results. With Bellafill, you get instant gratification from its bovine collagen component which causes immediate filling. Second, the PMMA crystals serve as a scaffold for collagen production and are the reason for Bellafill’s 5 year duration. 

Fact 5: Despite fake news on the internet in an attempt to discredit Bellafill, Bellafill shows an impressively high safety and efficacy profile that is well-established in the literature over the past 10 years. Bellafill is at par with and, perhaps, even safer than the temporary fillers on the market. In over 1000 patients, there were only 1.7% granulomas, with all resolving without surgery.

Fact 6: In the hands of a skilled and knowledgeable injector, Bellafill is the “Rolls Royce” of dermal fillers. The key lies in injecting Bellafill properly. A BellaDiamond physician injector represents the gold standard in Bellafill treatments. BellaDiamond Injectors performs the highest volume of Bellafill in the world and have the most experience with Bellafill.

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